Carlo D'Onofrio

Carlo is a tattooer with over 10 years experience , ranging from bold color to smooth black and grey. Working primarily in pop culture, Japanese tattoos and the realm of geek, he is happy to traverse new lands of subject matter. With a constant pursuit of artistic evolution and a pride in the overall tattoo experience, Carlo will provide you with a solid tattoo and a couple of laughs. Welcome to Tech Noir, Take a seat!

Late post! Ran into Leah that I have tattooed back in Vancouver and she decided to get this pre draw today! Thanks so much. Really enjoyed tattooing this!
Game mashup in progress !
Samus from Metroid! Fun stuff. Also that game was hard. Have you played Metroid Dread?
Micro starfighters! Super fun one. Thanks!
No shows are wack but this ain’t! Thanks for getting tattooed Leah!
Super fun Kotaro tattoo . Thanks for getting tattooed Raven!
Super fun Marvin the Martian holding a magnetometer. I learned things today. Thanks Skyler!
Fun little gap filler! Hope everyone is having a good week!
Fun one from the other day!
Not the greatest photo but I’m stoked as heck about this Enchanter… some call him… Tim? Shoutout to the killer rabbit.
Pikachu off our flash board! Having a lot of fun with these smaller tattoos!
A classic from our walk-in flash board! Thanks !
Olive for Olive. Thanks for letting me have fun with this !
It’s that time! It’s also been a while! So stoked to be back @wanderlusttattooco in beautiful Parksville BC! This is one of those gems of a shop that has top notch artists and family vibes. I have time available so shoot me an email or contact wanderlust !
Super fun Gandalf for Emily ! Thanks so much for making the trek out from Vancouver!
“W” berry jam for a friend. Thanks Pete !