Miles Kanne

Miles Kanne is a tattooer with over 14 years of experience. With huge influences in traditional and illustrative tattooing, his tattoo style reflects his passion. Miles prides himself in being well versed in many different tattoo styles and is always up for a challenge. With neon soaked nostalgia pouring from his art, his pop culture influence and love of all things retro is clear. From video games to movies, tv and everywhere in between. This is one artist not to miss.

This Saturday the 28th is the @technoirtattoo Halloween walk in day! Doors are at 11 and we will take your phone # and call when we are ready!
Here’s some new designs of mine but there are tons of new ones from @tripptattoo and @pencilslayer as well. Check out tech’s page for the full board of designs!
New @technoirtattoo “Wastoid” merch dropped today! Sold out of larges before we could even post, but still size s,m,xl,2x available. First 30 orders receive glow in the dark ooze with purchase! Email with your size request, whether for pick up or delivery (please include mailing address) we will respond to everyone as soon as we can and let you know our payment options and details. Please do not etransfer ahead. Thanks for the support!
“Cheeseburger in paradise”  I’ve been wanting to do more food tattoos and with the passing of the great Jimmy Buffett I had to draw this up. It is available to be tattooed, so any parrot heads or foodies hit me up and claim this one off as yours! #ripjimmybuffett#jimmybuffett#cheesburgerinparadise#sonofasonofasailor#foodtattoo#ilikeminewithlettuceandtomatoheinz57andfrenchfriedpotatoesbigkosherpickleandacolddraftbeerwellgoodgodalmightywhichwaydoisteer
Synthwave parrot chest piece on @kif_scott done at @technoirtattoo Thanks Scott for letting me get wild with this one and making the flight out every time. It was awesome tattooing along side ya as well! Check his work out and hit him up if you’re in Ontario.
Here’s a real brain melter of a tattoo! Thanks @maeveburke for the challenge and this is how my mind felt doing this piece. 🫠🧠 #technoirtattoo#technoirtattoovictoria#victoriatattooartist#psychedelicart#psychedelictattoo#brainmelter#mileskanne#mileskannetattoo
You’re in the JUNGLE baby! So stoked on how this sleeve turned out, thanks so much Jamie. We knocked out this sleeve in time for her wedding, hope the in-laws like it ;) also can you spot the massive infinity symbol cover up? I can’t anymore..
Shiny puppy! So stoked to have done my rendition of one of @jeffkoons ballon dogs. Thanks so much @mo_diggety for letting me run wild with this project!  #technoirtattoo#technoirtattoovictoria#jeffkoons#jeffkoonsballoons#mileskanne#mileskannetattoo#victoriatattoo#victoriatattooartist#realismtattoo#technoir
CERBERUS  the original dog from hell, no not Poochie. Thanks @marekmachado86_  for sitting like a beast every session, even if I put you through hell!
Tony Stark. Stoked to have tattooed @robertdowneyjr among some other @marvel heros on @evan_holbein  Thanks Evan for always giving me fun challenging projects. #marveltattoo#marveltattoos#ironmantattoo#robertdowneyjr#technoirtattoo#victoriatattooartist#mileskanne
DID I DO THAT?  This was the first tattoo of 2023 that I did at @technoirtattoo let’s keep these kind of dream tattoos comin! Never watching family matters as a kid, did I ever think I’d be tattooing Steve Urkel one day. You know I had to have cheese in this tattoo, hope you love it like Urkel loves Laura! Thanks @kif_scott for flying all the way out just to get tattooed!
Welcome to the tech noir team @pencilslayer starting May 2023 email Carlo directly for appointments!
AK AK! Did this #marsattacks thigh this past year. Would love to do more colour pop culture tattoos in 2023  what are your favourite aliens?
Here are some of my favourite and most popular tattoos of 2022. While this isn’t my official top 9 I figured these summed up my year and the fun I’ve had. Thank you to all of my amazing clients, friends and guest artists who’ve made this past year at @technoirtattoo honestly one of the best years of my life. Love you all! Happy new year!
Cheers! who else overindulged a little bit this year. And let’s raise a toast to the new one! What’s your favourite drink? Get yourself a cocktail tattoo this year. Because unlike the bar, my books are never closed! (Drink responsibly)
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“Quest for the forbidden grog!” Thanks so much to @shaunkells for 50 hours of trust, long days and commitment. This was all his idea, a tribute to the classic adventure films that shaped an era of imagination. Thanks again grog dawg!! Love ya.
Happy birthday to my best friend and business partner @tripptattoo love ya brother. Here’s to many more years of latte’s and new adventures.
Take a trip to @technoirtattoo
Gordon Shumway. Had the pleasure of tattooing everyone’s favourite alien from Melmac, ALF! Thanks Laurie for coming oout to get this kittie eating radical 80s dude! #alf#alftattoo#gordonshumway
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